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   Wuxi Paike Heavy Casting & Forging Co., Ltd was founded in 2006 with a registered capital of 65.55 million RMB. Now it occupies 85332m2 of land, and the total capital has reached 650 million RMB. Its main products are ring forgings and various types of free forgings. Within a few years of development, Paike Forging has become a famous brand in China as a manufacturer of forgings.


   The company has won the Quality Management System Certificate of ISO9001:2008, nine Classification Society Certifications, including DNV, LR, CCS, ABS, BL, GL, and Manufacture License of Special equipment. In the meantime, it has proudly gained the reputation of Innovative and High Technology Corporate in Jiangsu Province. There are 270 employees in the company including 30 technical specialists and 35 quality specialists, who are devoted to their occupations to together accomplish the production of 60,000 tons of forgings and the sales of 500 million RMB each year.


   The company is located 100km west of Shanghai, China. Welcome to Paike Forging!

Wuxi Paike Heavy Casting And Forging Co., Ltd
Address: 22 Lianhe Road, Hudai Industrial Park, Wuxi, China   
Email: [email protected]    [email protected]
Tel:+86 51085585195    +86 51085581560
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